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Custom Fit Dentures

Smiling old lady wearing denturesWhen a person loses some or all of his or her teeth, their face takes on a sunken and puckered look that can make them look much older than they are and wreak havoc on their self-esteem. Custom fit dentures at Tualatin Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can make all the difference.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are replacement prosthetic devices for missing teeth that can be removed and placed back into your mouth. Even though dentures may never function and feel exactly like your natural teeth, custom fit dentures these days are more comfortable and natural-looking than ever.

Ways of Fabricating Dentures

Cold Pour

Cold pour is the traditional method of fabricating dentures. It involves pourable acrylic, which is known for its durability and reliability. The cold pour method is used to make some more affordable styles of dentures.

Heat Injected

This is a more recent technology which involves injecting dental material into a custom mold under high pressure. The denture is then heat cured, which makes it denser, stronger, and more precise. These dentures closely match the impressions taken from the mouth and result in a more custom fit.

How are Custom Fit Dentures Made?

When creating a new smile for you, particularly with the help of complete dentures, Dr. Emerson Rowley, DMD takes the most intricate details of your mouth which include some of the most important aspects that define your smile.

The denture creation process typically takes anywhere between 2 months to several months. Once we determine what type of denture you need, we will perform the following steps:
•  We will take a series of impressions of your jaw, take measurements about how your upper and lower jaws are positioned related to each other and how much space is between them.
•  We will then create models or plastic forms in the exact shape and size the custom fit denture needs to be made. You will try this denture several times to see if it fits perfectly with your mouth. The denture will then be assessed for color before the final denture is fabricated.
•  Once the final denture is created, we will place it into your mouth and make adjustments if necessary.

Considerations For Using Denture Adhesives

A denture adhesive is a type of glue which is applied to the base of your dentures so that they remain secure in your mouth and do not slip.

However, it should not be considered in the following circumstances:
•  If your custom fit dentures become loose or cause discomfort.
•  Your jawbone and gum tissue will deteriorate over time following the removal of your teeth. If your dentures have not been evaluated over a long time, you may need adjustments. In this case, using adhesive to keep them in place is not a good idea.
•  When you are allergic to the adhesive’s ingredients.

If you experience any of the above issues, call us at (503) 878-7474 to schedule an appointment.

Your custom fit dentures may take some time to adjust in your mouth; however, with regular use and proper care, you will soon become used to them. To ensure your dentures last you a long time, make regular trips to the dentist for check up.
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